Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit is a 100% naturally grown fruit. Originally discovered in 1745 it has been a well kept secret, Until now!

Do you wish guinness tasted like chocolate milkshake?
Lemon tastes sugar coated?
Well wish no more, miracle fruit contains an active glycoprotein this temporarily adjusts the way your taste buds react to certain foods. Not only is it fun and unusual it is also VERY beneficial.
  • It makes things taste sweet, Diabetics have to limit sugar intake, Miracle fruit makes many foods taste sugar coated.
  • Cancer patients using the fruit allegedly say it counteracts a metallic taste in the mouth that may be one of the many side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Useful for diets to trick the mind into thinking your eating sugary products. Enjoying healthier foods with a sweeter taste

When I personally first discovered this ingenious berry I was somewhat doubtfull of its ability to change my taste buds reaction to certain foods.

I have never been one with a strong stomach and am usually the first to wobble home after a night out with the lads. More to the point I have never been able to do shots of spirits without blasting them straight back out!!

So when I found these I wandered off to buy me some sambucca. :) So back home I went armed with 2 berries and my sambuca. I tried a shot before consuming the berry and my instant reaction as always has been to spray it back out. In goes the berry and I try again.... Would you believe that sambucca went down in one? Well it did :) So watch out boys I'm back in the game!!

I have tried all sorts on the miracle fruit and everytime I am in shock that what I ate could ever taste so good.

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